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10 December 2016 @ 01:10 am
Sometimes when I set up to start writing, too many thoughts rush forward in my head to be the first thing I write.  It's terribly inconvenient.

I was somewhere else online--Pinterest, maybe?--and I kept seeing this gif of Wynonna being totally badass, and now the moment is sort of stuck in my head.  It's when she's (brace yourself) pointing Peacemaker at some rev, and he's all "You're just a girl!".

Now, it's not exactly an uncommon combination of words, though I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a phrase, but you hear it frequently enough.  Unfortunately, Joss Whedon, Life Ruiner, has cemented that sentence in my head--I still remember where I was sitting watching the season 5 finale of Buffy.

Cause after she beats the crap out of a demon and starts walking away with him all crippled in a dumpster, he's all "You're just a girl!"

And this is where the difference in the two characters, the two shows, the two writers practically slaps you upside the head:  Buffy's response vs. Wynonna's response.

Buffy, sad, quiet, walking away:  That's what I keep saying.
Wynonna, angry, loud, leaning in to the rev's space aggressively:  I am THE girl.  With the big ass gun.

Now, nothing's saying that in five years (or 100 more episodes, Jesus, no wonder B was tired) Wynonna won't become all weary and quiet and resigned, but I just really like the contrast between the two.

I happened to be watching the second episode yesterday, and I have...theories about the gun.  Or questions about the girl.  something like that.  When Wynonna first picks up Peacemaker, she looks much like she's just graduated from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Course--she can't hit the billboard, bullets are ricocheting all over the place, including back at her.  It's not an inspiring sight.

But then later, when she's freaking out and pissed as hell at the revs ready to hang Waverly, she manages to hit not just where she was aiming, but what she wanted the ricochet to kill, too.  Yes, Dolls took her out to target practice, but that's some damn remarkable improvement.

So in the second episode, Dolls tries to give Wynonna a modern gun, saying it'll work.  She goes in to what at first appears to be a nightclub to which only women ever travel (tail you see the line of guys on the wall watching all the chicks dance), and proceeds to shoot the creepy War Party rev in the chest.  He does not take a shoot down a slide straight into hell.  That convinces Wynonna the new fancy gun doesn't work.

So she stays with shooting the gun that can't aim for shit.  All the way to the finale.  Where they drag Bobo over the line in custody where he's looking at all sorts of crazy lab fun with the BBD's scientists and interrogators, miles and miles away from Wynonna.  Which means he's gonna get tortured, and the chances of Wynonna being able to find him again to end the curse drop dramatically.  So while Bobo's all bracing himself out the back of the truck, cause his previous pleading hadn't worked, Wynonna's standing on the street outside the cemetery, watching as the truck disappears over the line.  Then she lifts the gun and fires, nailing Bobo between the eyes.  That was an extraordinary shot.

So did she just get better over the season?  How much does she influence the gun, and how much does the gun compensate or aid her?

When the gun was glowing blue and she was shooting Willa, at first I thought it was blue because she was having to shoot an Earp.  But now I'm wondering...all the demons made it glow yellow-red, and they were headed to hell.  Willa made it go all blue-white--maybe she's not headed to the same place.  Maybe the destination determines how the gun glows.  Or maybe Wynonna does--she thinks she knows the revs have been evil or are evil enough to burn in Hades, but her sister?  Maybe she wanted Willa in a different place, so she went up instead of down.  OR:  after the first few rev's, Wynonna started saying "Make your peace" before drilling the bullet in.  Maybe all the revenants couldn't, but when she said it to Willa, her sister WAS able to make her peace before she was shot, so the blue indicates someone who's done that.

Also amazing in ep 2: Nicole Haught shows up and proves that eye contact really is hella important, as are clear intentions.  Her "When I see something I like, I don't wanna wait," is the chill, slightly less caustic version of Jessica Jones's "I don't flirt, I just say what I want."

I'm getting much more in the mood to make graphics lately, so maybe I'll start with Wynonna Earp.  Or Killjoys--that show's production designer rocks my world with the lighting and camera crew and the set dressers.  It's pretty to look at is what I'm saying.  Although Shane Timm has taken some a-mazing tour photos for Tegan and Sara, and I'm getting kinda twitchy to get to mess around with what he shot.  Also, though, my brain just spat out a couple of fic ideas, and I need to wrap up yuleti--oh, that's a terrible pun.  I'll go away now.
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21 November 2016 @ 10:07 am
I swear, you'd think, 'cause I'm chronically in pain, I'd be used to the crappiness of not feeling well.  But no.  Turns out, it's one of those "you can get used to anything if there's enough exposure" things, though I don't think I'll ever be "used to" migraines.  But I do know what to expect.  There's a pattern.  One, unfortunately, my whole current writing jag is a part of.  It's the part where I CAN NOT shut up once I start talking, and where I will write from 9pm to noon the next day without stopping, or noticing that I should have stopped.  If only the ...problem came with the same promise of quality with the quantity.  I'm guessing later today or tomorrow afternoon the aura hits.

I'm so looking forward to it.

As if the regular daily shit wasn't enough, though, I went to the doctor last week after feeling progressively worse for three weeks, and I have strep.  Had?  I've been on an anti-biotic for a week.  Moot point.

My actual point?  Every time I get sick I'm slapped in the face with the reminder that getting sick totally blows, sucks your energy dry, and leaves you feeling generally like you've gotten tossed from a horse mid-jump and landed in front of him too quickly to avoid being slammed around by four hooves and solid, bony legs with hella momentum behind them.

I'm just not a fan.  And my immune system's crap, so where regular people take 7-14 days to get over whatever, it takes me more like 14-28.  It's exhausting.

HOWEVER!  I'm supposed to be resting, and that means I can watch TV and chill without guilt.  :)

I just marathoned the first six eps of Conviction, Hayley Atwell's new show.  It. Is. Fantastic.  ...okay, maybe it's really good, and she's phenomenal.  She plays a total hot mess and still manages to be a total BAMF.  It's awesome.

Next up on tap:  Wynonna Earp rewatch and Dark Matter season 2 first watch, with a bit of Killjoys sprinkled in, I'm guessing.  Cause why not?  Awesome show tripple play.  Sounds good.

Just as soon as I wake up from my nap/actual sleep since last night's didn't.  Solid plan.
09 October 2016 @ 04:56 am
To my fantastic, generous, lovely, and amazing Julbok,

I'm really excited for Yuletide this year, my assignment is cool and off the beaten track for me so it's a fun challenge, and I adore everything I requested--first time actually requesting comics cannon, so it's fun to be current with that.  OH!  Meant to say:  If you want or need to read any of the comics and can't get a hard copy, I found readcomiconline.to to be crazy awesome and helpful, as long as you can load large images; comixology.com has alternate aquisition methods, too.  (However, I'm totally down with you mixing in whatever cannon you most like from 616 and MCU--sorry, they're the only ones I know)  But I also adore the shows I requested, both the worlds that they're in and the characters that populate them.  Really, whatever we matched on, it's gonna be fantastic, so thank you so much for --okay, at this point I HAVE actually seen my name on the pinch hit list, which only makes you additionally awesome, so whatever it was that struck your fancy about my request, I say run with it.  Have fun.

This...is not a short letter, and I'm not exactly expecting you to read the parts that don't apply--like, if you don't know Wynonna Earp from a wedding video, then A) Dude, get on that STAT, Wynonna Earp is excellent, and B)I don't expect you to be particularly interested in wheather or not I care about Wynonna's sister's girlfriend's new job (although to be clear here, I'm pretty excited about it.).  So just...don't be overwhelmed?  I was sick for a week and had a lot of time to add to thought's I'd already not posted, so.

Generally speaking...Collapse )

Ask Me About My Feminist AgendaCollapse )

Girls and Wolves; Both Have Sharp TeethCollapse )comics addendumCollapse )

It's about damn time.Collapse )

You wanna run? I call shotgun.Collapse )

I am THE girl. With the bigass gun.Collapse )

I really do read and like a LOT of different fic, so just enjoy the writing.

If you'd like, like, *specific* prompts, I can do that:
--She's never seen the world in black and white, things like that have rarely mattered to her.  No, her world is in the balance of a ledger, she sees in black and red.
--learning to fall
--personal space
--Power doesn't have to be a clenched fist. There's power in the open hand, too
--It’s a joke between friends, but it’s not. More, it’s the truth badly disguised as a lie and it makes her laugh to think that the two of them get paid to pretend for a living.
--Everything is different.  But they're still breathing.
--unexpected time off
--Road trips

There were goingto be images, so I'll be back to fully illustrate my points.
09 October 2016 @ 04:54 am
It's been bothering me.  Thought it'd go away, and it just got worse.

Third time trying to type this, and I'm getting straight to the point:  What the hell is going on with all this crazy, hideous, self-insert fic these days?  Where it's all Natasha Romanov/Reader, Tony Stark/Reader, and so on?  I *suppose*, if I must strectch it, it's an interesting concept.  But then I tried to read some.  Oh, god.  The horror.  It's "Y/ n" this and "your h/c" that.  It's ridiculous and i really just can't take it any more!

Also on the annoying me to no end list: Natasha Romanoff.  Now, I haven't read all of comics, I'll admit.  But I actually read mostly Cinematic Universe stuff anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem.  What IS the problem?  The fact that NOWHERE IN CANNON, over   Thor, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Solider, Age of Ultron, OR Civil War, does Clint eVER refer to Natasha as "Tasha."  Never.  Comparitively, he doesn't even call her Natasha much.  Most of the time, when he's joking, worried, serious, grateful, curious, what have you, the man calls her Nat. Hell, HIS CHILDREN call her Nat.  When she's just about done kicking his ass in the bottom of the Helicarrier, and he's just coming around, all bleary-eyed?  He says (and you can read the caption for it, too, if you don't believe me):  "Natasha?"  Yes, he breaks it up into two sylables, and yes, the first is considerably quieter than the fight and the ambient sounds were.  It's just driving me up a wall, I can't even.

On top of preferring cannon, or even my personal preference, it just makes more sense.  For Natasha, her name is already a dimunitive--Natalia becomes Natasha the way Russians do nicknames.  In the US, it's far more common for the first sylable to be morphed into the nickname.  Pepper becomes Pep, Steven becomes Steve, Christopher becomes Chris, Michael becomes Mike, Jennifer becomes Jenny or Jen...sensing a pattern here?

I get that fannon is a thing, but the "Tasha" thing bugs.

So glad to have gotten that of my chest.

ETA:  Okay, okay, I've read some more comics, and apparently they do occasionally use Tasha, not Nat.

I still find it weird, though.
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04 October 2016 @ 02:31 pm
Things have been weird around here lately.  Insurance stopped covering the medicine I've been taking for, four (?) years now, so I had to switch.  And the new shit?  not so much with the helping the pain, but HELLA LARGE with making me tired as all hell.  Seriously, just so much sleep.  Both because I'm being made tired and because laying down and hopefully sleeping is really the only recourse I have left when the migraine of the day picks up.

The sort of vicious cycle that is being perpetrated there is sort of not helping in the least when it comes to both my depression and my anxiety.  I'm living in a near constant state of 'am I gonna get an aura now?  now?  and then start throwing up?  Or now?', which: newsflash, is not a great way to live.  Being so done with migraines in general, this particular course of treatment, and, to top it all off, my current living situation...when I'm not freaking the hell out about my head, I'm left in a kind of limbo where I'm just sort of ...despairing sounds ridiculously melodramatic, but, well.  Apparently sometimes I *am* ridiculously melodramatic, because sometimes I feel despair.

On the up side, my overall situation has been worse before, has been much more stressful (which leads to...that's right, worse migraines!), so I'm trying to appreciate the low-key aspects of my life that I can while I'm living them.

It is, for example, allowing me a lot of time to write.  Which is awesome, and exciting.  I actually posted something on AO3 a few days ago (Killjoys, Fly Away).  I...have some problems with it, but I like it fairly well overall, and I knew if I didn't post it I'd drive myself crazy staring at it and then never put it up.  So I went ahead and posted it.  Yea, me!

I have...thoughts, I suppose is the best way to sum it up, on an original work I'm working on, and that's fun.  I decided to do NaNo for the first time this year, so I'm excited about that.  I haven't decided if I"m going to do the original thing, or if I'm going to work on one of two--no, three--fanfics that I've sort of had on the back burner of my mind for a while, have written bits and snippets of periodically, but never got serious about pushing through and, you know, finding a plot.

So it'll either be shifters and dragons or: Veronica Mars in Atlantis, Bobbi and Skye join the Avengers (the Skye/Bobbi/Nat/Clint Thing), or the thing I've been thinking about since be-compromised's...secret santa? hmmm.  [Of '13 (I'm fairly sure), btw.]

my lovely recipient-to-be person mentioned she really loved soul mate fic, and I'd never read any before, and I was like...with Nat and Clint, there would have to be a definitive way to know, or she'd brush it off...OH!  You know what she'd LOATHE?  Irrefutable proof out where everyone and their brother can see: on her skin.  If you got tattoos when you fell in love with your soul mate, and these lines start creeping all over Clint's skin, and her own body--which always seemed like it belonged to someone else, anyway, until she met him--so not only does she have to figure out how to be in love with the guy, but she has to deal with everybody knowing it as surely as she does, and with people staring and trying to decode all the symbols and sigils and runes and nonsense that's becoming more and more visible every day, and also with the people who have been through it before, and the people who envy her and him...It just seemed perfect, and I've got some stuff written that I really do like, but about three months after I *didn't* finish my fic, amusewithavue broke AO3 with her kickass version of much the same thing.  (I think, okay?  I was hella crushed when I saw it pop up, so I haven't read it yet.)  I have, though, read many of the subsequent Soulmate's First Words stories since then.  I like em.  entertaining.  I can't believe I didn't just finish my fic and post it when it was due.

...circle back to the migraines, because while you can think a story in circles with a migraine, the actual writing becomes problematic when your hand is numb and you can't hold a pen or type, you can't see the page because auras? pretty in an abstract way, a pain in the ass in a practical way, or if looking at the screen makes you hurl because it's bright and digital and requires you to move your eyes, or if changing the position of your head sets off all new and exciting waves of pain, and you can't think through the hopeless tears, *anyway*.  It really puts a crimp in my writing schedule.

HOWEVER, speaking of scheduling, I'm seriously going to work on that.  As in, doing it.  The problem with having a schedule as flexible as mine is that you think to yourself, 'oh, I've got lots of time, I'll do it!'.  When you have nothing scheduled, you don't bother scheduling things.  Including time to write.  And obviously, I do write.  Nearly every day.  But it's usually just what strikes my fancy at that particular moment, or I'll be looking for something, end up reading something else that I've written, and then feel compelled to continue that, ignoring whatever I'd been looking for originally.  Not necessarily bad, considering I don't actually have deadlines or people relying on me finishing things, but it doesn't set a great precedents for starting something, working through it, and writing until you reach the end.  And that's sort of something I need to start doing: finishing the fics I start.

In the Moving In The Right Direction column, the other day I actually...hmm, it's not quite an outline, but not anywhere near as detailed as a beat sheet, but maybe somewhere between the two.  I worked on one for Mars in Atlantis, and for Bobbi/Skye/Nat/Clint...I think one of the file names is SBCN, which makes me smile because: SeBaCeaN, and Farscape will always make me smile.  And cry.  But GENERALLY, when I think sebacean, I think Aeryn, and, well, that's always awesome.

Where was I?  Right, the outlines.  It turns out I sort of like having them because it lets me think of the story as a whole from the beginning, instead of a series of events I write linearly and then edit.  I know to some extent what scenes I need to have, or what kind of scenes I need, and then I can work on what I'm in a productive mood to work on.  And that's kind of fun.

In the future:  less woe is me, more Killjoys, more Wynonna Earp, A-Force, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Mockingbird, Chicagoland Vampires, and whatever YA sci-fi/fantasy thing I'm reading and all wrapped up in (atm: Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi,--or, well, Through The Ever Night, now-- Firespell by Chloe Neill, Frozen by Robin Wasserman, and Fire by Kristen Cashore.  Huh.  That's a lot of F's.) .  Possibly movies as well.  Tomorrow I'm going to see Star Trek: Beyond, and it's becoming increasingly clear I was much more ill when I watched Captain America: Civil War in the theater than I originally thought, or so says the half of my brain that goes "???" when reading fic.  I don't think it's all down to what each writer infers happened or why they think things happened.  And I find that hella distressing.  Because it doesn't seem like things go well, and I don't want Nat hurt, or Clint.  Or Wanda.  Or Hope.  (she was clearly chillin' on the Barton Farm during this one, like Clint was during Winter Solider.  Perhaps Carol was out there, too.  Maybe she'd just gotten the no fly warning, and had slumped off to the wilds of Iowa, dragging Jess with her because no way in hell was she going to spent who the hell knew how long on a farm with Clint's wife and *three kids*--she left her family's farm, thanks, and hadn't been back since, heading to someone else's didn't really hold any more appeal.  In fact, the only thing that did hold appeal was trying again to figure out how Laura Barton was a real live person who can put up with Clint and pro-create with him.  Also, she wants to grill Hope about what it's like to fly as a tiny tiny person.  However, the outlook on likelihood of her being provided with the opportunity to punch something: dim, at best.)

Also, I have decided I'm going to knit a blanket, I want to start making hand-stamped jewelry, and I'm going to learn to do the same with leather.  Tales of my exploits, I'm sure, will be forthcoming.  As will the final decision on what to be for halloween.  exciting!  waffling between: Merit, Bobbi, Natasha, Sarah Manning, Hawkeye, and Jayne...possibly Wanda.  Sif would be pretty badass, too., as would May

Well...that got a little away from me.
08 June 2016 @ 06:51 am
Okay, so I've missed...some time here.  But it's not as though I've been in a cave or something.

I think the first thing to catch up on was how awesome SyFy's summer programing (or whenever the shows aired):  Killjoys, anyone?  Holy shit do I love, like, everything about this show.  Up to and including that someone has written a thing about how with the different planets and moons they visit and their relative lengths of days versus the time it takes to get from one place to another, like half the episodes can't happen on their apparent timetable.  Mostly I love Dutch, though, lets be honest. And Johnny.  And Lucy.  And Dutch and Johnny.  Dav, too, really, but like, not nearly so much as my totally platonically married Killjoys.  It's like Nat and Clint got a show, it's fantastic!  She even has the 'rasied to be a killer when she was taken from her family and put in an all-girls school where a creepy dude mentored her and made her into a weapon' backstory, complete with the "first guy to give her a chance and not leap to assume she was crazy or better off dead" best friend.  Though she did get away from Khlyne (I'll look up the spelling later, okay, this show is weird)--sortof--on her own, and I'm a sucker for a self-rescuing princess.  Though there's no shame in needing a hand every once in a while.  Man, the world-building.  And Pree!  I just...July 1st, I guess, is when season 2 starts.  I adore me some Aaron Ashmore (who the hell am I kidding?  I love me some Shawn, too.  He's just not on the show.  But did you catch that ice slide/wall thing Iceman finally got to make in Days of Future Past?!  BADASS.  And so many years waiting for it, I can't even.)

Also, Dark Matter comes back on July 1st.  I'm excited about that as well, it's just, it took a little longer for me to feel the traction with that show.  Zoie Palmer totally helped.  She's hilarious, though I don't think the show has really let her stretch that way yet.  Hell, at the moment, I don't think she's even...alive?  On?  Booted up?  What do you call an android with it's memory chip removed and it's systems turned off?  That actually sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but I'm actually curious.  And on the android vein, can they turn Vision-who-I-still-think-of-as-Omnipitant!JARVIS off?  Probably not, what with the mindstone and everything.  huh.  I've always loved Paul Bettany's voice.  And him, but his voice is especially nice.  Always thought it was a shame we didn't get to see him on screen.  And now we do, but it's not *him*.  sigh.  I'll be chewing on this for a while.  I mean, I still have issues with Clint's mindrape in the first Avengers, so.

I'm digressing.  I also really like Two/Portia, I think she's a really cool character (and female! of color!  IN CHARGE!  be still, my heart), and I feel like there are a lot of places they have to go with her.  And I like her interactions with Android, too.  Also with Five.  I think Five's pretty interesting in general, but especially with Two. That episode where Two flipped into react mode instead of thinking a thing through when they were at that space port?  I loved how later, Five was like: dude, I brought a gun onboard, how up and up was I before I got wiped?  And sort of, if I'm remembering correctly, made peace with that side of both of them.  I like the protective older sister vibe they have going, it's interesting to me that people with no memories of these kinds of relationships still feel compelled to form them.  Particiularly when it plays out that neither of them *had* those kinds of relationships to feel residual instincts for in the first place.  I never really liked Six to begin with.  I mean, really, who are they trying to kid?  The only Six who will ever matter to me is the spitting image of Tricia Helfer.

Detour:  I really want Katee Sackhoff to play Carol Danvers in Captian Marvel.  Just sayin'.  Barring her?  Helfer.  But for some reason I see Sackhoff pulling off the new hair better.  Also the ex-pilot thing.  Just sayin'.

Back to Dark Matter:  I really adore Four, as well.  Besides the props for doing his own pull-ups and actually knowing how to use the swords, I'm intrigued by the person he's choosing to become.  And part of me will always love/hate Three, cause he was a pretty kickass loki in Lost Girl as Ryan.

Hey!  The same time Aaron Ashmore was playing Nate on the show with Kenzi.

ugh, <i>Kenzi</i>.  I can't even.  I like to think that Nate found out about the fae via his band, who played with the No Shows, a fictional band from a book series of kickassery...the...Quantum Gravity series, that's it!  So Nate gets to be firends with them, and then on some international tour that hits up Spain and which Kenzi attends, they reconnect, and it's awe-some.

So that was last...season, I suppose, though we're skipping right over the epic awesome of Blindspot.

Right now, I'm consumed by Wynonna Earp ('cause I was trying to watch Orphan Black with my viewing buddies, but schedules aren't working out and we finally called it quits.  Just in time for season 4's finale, I think.  But, no waiting now, so there's that.  But I still don't know if Delphine is dead or not or just wishes she was, and I still have a somewhat airy view of Krystal, which is SOOO disapointing because if your favorite show is gonna have a character with your name, the least they can do is not make her well-meaning-yet-vapid.  Oh, Holy Shit!  What's going to happen to her now that Delphine's not around to keep an eye on things?!  Also, I officially want Shay back, I don't care what Ksenia Solo's off working on, people!  And Jesse, because Heleana deserves some happiness.)

OKAY, BUT WYNONNA EARP!  It's awesome, it's hilarious, it's sexy, it's horrific, there's all kinds of tension and morality being batted around...such a fanfuckingtastic show.  Way to hit it out of the park, Andras.  (and if you're wondering why that name looks familliar, it's because you pay attention to credits for Lost Girl and Killjoys, and also to D'avin's fake name in the Killjoys pilot: Kobee Andras is his fake name--which is a bastardization of his last name and John's middle name)  I have one major bone to pick with this show, and it's one I can't just be straight up pissed about because it took me FOUR episodes to realize that Tim Rozon, who plays Doc, ALSO PLAYED MASSIMO ON LOST GIRL!!!  The betrayal I felt when this charming, weird, attractive dude turned out to be the guy who put life to a character that *still* creeps me the fuck out and makes me oh-so-pissed...I'm at a loss for words.  Have been for six weeks now.

Speaking of, and Spoiler Alert for 1x10, btw:

Holy shit, WILLA!  I guessed, and then assumed I was wishfulthinking, and then dreaded and was proven correct.  Melanie Scrofano's face, people.  The <i>misery</i>.  Ugh.  Her and Doc's conversation about ther hookin' up?  epic.  Actually, Wynonna's general reaction to BoBo's announcement was pretty damn priceless.  And she was worried about Dolls!  That he was scary-sick!  so sweet, esp after last week when he refused to even say he gave a shit about her.  (I know, I know, he showed her later by passing her psych eval for her, but still...Wynonna's face when he stayed so silent!)

And yes, I'm so all over Waverly and Nicole getting together.  My god, the adorableness!

whew!  glad to get all that off my chest!
31 October 2015 @ 12:19 am
Dear Writer,

I don't have my letter written just yet, and I'm sorry about that.  I've always found them helpful, so I am going to write one, I'll have it up on monday at the latest, and thought you might want to know that yes, more info will be forthcoming about me and my picks, just...I still have to put it all in one place.  I'm really excited about Yuletide, it's one of my favorite times of the year, and I hope you're having a good time, too.
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03 October 2015 @ 07:57 am
I just woke up after three hours of sleep, deeply in need of a drink of water.  Then I zoned as I drank my brain went to Agents of Shield, and how awesome Ian was raging at that monolith at the end of the ep.

But then I had a thought:  What if the weird spiny monster guy was what had once been in the monolith, and when Jemma went in, he came out?  (or he was whereever she is now, that kind of thing)  And that's how he knows there's THE Inhuman to hundown on walkabout 'round planet Earth?  Maybe it's HIM that's "death," not the monolith itself.

super thinky thoughts for three am mouse wheel spinning.

...of course, I could probably go find interviews or...*something*, somewhere online and read spoilers, but that kinda ruins it, you know?
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26 June 2015 @ 04:12 pm
Well, that's what Zoie Palmer says anyway.  And I think she's a decent person to take advice from.

SCOUTS ruled same-sex marriages legal in all states today.

I didn't realize how ripped off I felt until I kept hearing the courts say I could only get married if I fell for some dude.  That was some serious bullshit, and did not endear me to my state in the least.  I've already stayed in one place longer than I ever have and it's driving me crazy on it's own.  Toss in the weird desperate hate that spews when people start asking for equal rights, and...

But today's a good day, because 5-4 is a win.  And the people who say that now gays can get married, it's time to move to Canada are hilariously awesome and some of my favorite gripers.  The American Consulate in TO draped a giant rainbow flag down the building to welcome itself to the rest of the country, where this shit's been legal for years.  Their first gay marriage happened 13 years ago.  Welcome to the 21st, U.S.

Too bad they couldn't have ruled before Pride.  Though I'm sure some cities still have parades coming up. right?  hell if I know.

But the did rule, and it's outcome is pretty damn sweet.

I can marry whomever it is with which I fall in love, assuming they've also fallen in love with me.

If both of us want, we could get married.

I can marry whoever the hell I love. Period.

And that's fucking awesome.
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03 December 2014 @ 02:49 am
It's driving me nuts not to point out the obvious flip side to what I posted last.  Because, great as the first season was...how awesome would more seasons be?  Faith's my favorite Buffy character, and Spike and Oz run a close second.  I loved Anya, and if they hadn't had the spinoff into Angel, then there wouldn't have been the entire Cordelia character arc that was actually the thing that Joss started Buffy so he could say (before things with Cordy got all fuckin' weird).  Seriously, Buffy the Vampire Slayer with no Spike?  That's just...weird.  And on AoS, they just introduced Bobbi, which I hadn't heard was happening, and was obnoxisouly smug about when watching with my Dad, because he always figures out what's happening onscreen before it's had a chance to unfold--it was nice to be on the other end of that exchange for once.  And Hunter!  I'm a big Hunter fan, and now it seems like it'd be weird without Hunter.  Though I do long a bit for happy Hydra-free days on the Bus.  It seemed like there was more May then.  But that's a whole other thing. My sorta rambly point here is that while I can, at times, enjoy the benefit of the time capsule that is that lone glorious season of Firefly, some of the best things come with time.

Like, I adore So Jealous, but my life would be so much emptier without The Con.  If Tegan and Sara had just decided to stop recording, that would have been a hell of a shame.  I was thinking about that kind of thing while listening to the Dixie Chicks in the car today.  God, I miss their music.  I loved watching Hunger Games, but I think missing Jena Malone play Johanna in Catching Fire would kinda be a fucking tragedy.  Like waiting through all the X-Men movies for Bobby to finally turn into and iceman, and then see him make a damn ice slide...14 years later. (it's possible i have some undiscovered feelings about this.  interesting.)  But shit, it was an awesome ice slide.
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