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09 October 2016 @ 04:54 am
really, fandom?  
It's been bothering me.  Thought it'd go away, and it just got worse.

Third time trying to type this, and I'm getting straight to the point:  What the hell is going on with all this crazy, hideous, self-insert fic these days?  Where it's all Natasha Romanov/Reader, Tony Stark/Reader, and so on?  I *suppose*, if I must strectch it, it's an interesting concept.  But then I tried to read some.  Oh, god.  The horror.  It's "Y/ n" this and "your h/c" that.  It's ridiculous and i really just can't take it any more!

Also on the annoying me to no end list: Natasha Romanoff.  Now, I haven't read all of comics, I'll admit.  But I actually read mostly Cinematic Universe stuff anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem.  What IS the problem?  The fact that NOWHERE IN CANNON, over   Thor, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Solider, Age of Ultron, OR Civil War, does Clint eVER refer to Natasha as "Tasha."  Never.  Comparitively, he doesn't even call her Natasha much.  Most of the time, when he's joking, worried, serious, grateful, curious, what have you, the man calls her Nat. Hell, HIS CHILDREN call her Nat.  When she's just about done kicking his ass in the bottom of the Helicarrier, and he's just coming around, all bleary-eyed?  He says (and you can read the caption for it, too, if you don't believe me):  "Natasha?"  Yes, he breaks it up into two sylables, and yes, the first is considerably quieter than the fight and the ambient sounds were.  It's just driving me up a wall, I can't even.

On top of preferring cannon, or even my personal preference, it just makes more sense.  For Natasha, her name is already a dimunitive--Natalia becomes Natasha the way Russians do nicknames.  In the US, it's far more common for the first sylable to be morphed into the nickname.  Pepper becomes Pep, Steven becomes Steve, Christopher becomes Chris, Michael becomes Mike, Jennifer becomes Jenny or Jen...sensing a pattern here?

I get that fannon is a thing, but the "Tasha" thing bugs.

So glad to have gotten that of my chest.

ETA:  Okay, okay, I've read some more comics, and apparently they do occasionally use Tasha, not Nat.

I still find it weird, though.
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