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09 October 2016 @ 04:56 am
To my fantastic, generous, lovely, and amazing Julbok,

I'm really excited for Yuletide this year, my assignment is cool and off the beaten track for me so it's a fun challenge, and I adore everything I requested--first time actually requesting comics cannon, so it's fun to be current with that.  OH!  Meant to say:  If you want or need to read any of the comics and can't get a hard copy, I found readcomiconline.to to be crazy awesome and helpful, as long as you can load large images; comixology.com has alternate aquisition methods, too.  (However, I'm totally down with you mixing in whatever cannon you most like from 616 and MCU--sorry, they're the only ones I know)  But I also adore the shows I requested, both the worlds that they're in and the characters that populate them.  Really, whatever we matched on, it's gonna be fantastic, so thank you so much for --okay, at this point I HAVE actually seen my name on the pinch hit list, which only makes you additionally awesome, so whatever it was that struck your fancy about my request, I say run with it.  Have fun.

This...is not a short letter, and I'm not exactly expecting you to read the parts that don't apply--like, if you don't know Wynonna Earp from a wedding video, then A) Dude, get on that STAT, Wynonna Earp is excellent, and B)I don't expect you to be particularly interested in wheather or not I care about Wynonna's sister's girlfriend's new job (although to be clear here, I'm pretty excited about it.).  So just...don't be overwhelmed?  I was sick for a week and had a lot of time to add to thought's I'd already not posted, so.


Really, I don't want you to sweat this. You've got it, don't worry.  Just have fun.  If you've got some story in mind that's been germinating in your brain but you haven't had time to really write it all out--feel free to do that now!  I'm always interested to see the different directions people take the same character we all know.

There's not really a lot on my Please, No list.  (have you noticed how as the years progress, the DNW lists get longer and more specific?  It's weird.  Not that I blame people, there are some things I don't want to read about, too.  It's just...like, over the years, people have inadvertently read some fic and discovered all of a sudden that people a) write this thing that squicks them, and b) there is this thing that totally squicks them, and I find it kind of amusing.  Cause some of the lists are explicit, like, I don't want to read their DNW list, forget about actually writing something that would've crossed a line  I mean, in general fiction, when you're looking for a book to read from the B&N shelf, you don't have to try and skip over the stories where the man gets pregnant.)  The hard nos are non-con and death, vore, fluid play other than blood, long-term d/s, hardcore bdsm; the strong nos are a/b/o, pregnancy (of either gender)/kidfic--these things can be written well, I just don't usually seek them out.

What I do like is a lot longer, and this is in no way a complete accounting.  I'm a big fan of crossovers/fusions/hybrids/whateveryouwa
ntocallit, so if you want to have Bobbi and Natasha and Hope as some badass Killjoy team that's taking the Quad by storm, I encourage you (actually, now that I think about it, I STRONGLY encourage you) to write that and play with it.  Or they could be part of the Black Badge Division.  Hey, currently, Nat's kicked out of Shield and on thin ice with the Avengers, maybe the BBD offers her a place to sit still for a moment.  Or maybe the RAC does.  I'm totally flexible.  Also, it's a big dream of mine to see Nat and Dutch, my lil 'raised in a group of other little girls to become finely honed weapons for their trainers to use, but due to extreme circumstances they grew a conscience and stopped their assassin work and now apply their specific skillset in support of the good guys, only to find out the good guys might not be so good, so fighting now is hard, not knowing who to trust about how to do what they do to make the world they live in better, not worse, but their partner makes the confusion a little less daunting' babies, meet and hopefully fight together and have each other's backs.  Also, it'd be nice to see Clint and Johnny meet and commiserate over how often they think their hearts have stopped due to their partner's seemingly reckless behavior.  Hunter would probably like to join that conversation, too.

So, I like crossovers.

I like friends to lovers, established relationships that still explore trust, mutual trust, fake relationship turned real, having each other's backs, competence, banter, weapons (knives and bows and staves and guns), competent use of a person's non-preferred weapon (or someone teaching them how to become competent), cooking/feeding each other, horses (did somebody say equestrian AU?!), AU's in general (though not really fantasy/kingdom ones, nor a/b/o, particularly.  Though I did just read a Nat & Bruce a/b/o thing I found that surprisingly good.   and hot.  I'm not against Bruce/Nat, I'm just against the way it happened in the movies.  Though I do honestly see them more as close friends.  I think there's something about anger and the responsibility of causing death with your body even if your mind wasn't your own and learning to control your mind or keep it your own that's interesting.  I subscribe to the theory that the Red Room used a variation of the serum on Nat, and I think there's something interesting in the way it expressed itself, and the persons's reaction to it, in Steve, Bruce, and Natasha. --oh, and apparently Bobbi, too, though she's got somethin' else mixed in there, too.  But still.  hmm...I seem to have gotten off track.)

I like domestic scenes, downtime between fighting (which is what appealed about Edmonson/Noto and Fraction/Aja, I liked their When She's Not Avenging or Shielding, She's Doing This:  approach.  It's cool.)  Though I DO like mission fic and what they do when they ARE Avenging and Shielding and generally Superhero-ing it up.   I...understand better now why people in fandom use "Tasha," though I still don't see Clint using it.  He as ONLY ever used 'Nat' in the movies, and because I can't hear comics, that's the voice in my head.  Barnes, I comprehend a bit better, but still.  I also like the aftermath of missions, how they unwind before they sleep, whatever rituals they might have that help them level out and ratchet down their senses now that they're safe, how they dispel built up adrenaline and tension (and no, you don't HAVE to go the sex route with that, though I'm not complaining if you'd like to), or what they choose to do in general when their bodies are exhausted but their minds won't stop reeling, thinking, going over the mission in minute detail and second-guessing every move made, not just by them, but by everybody, how things could have ended differently--better or worse.

...um, that got away from me again.  It's an illnes, really.

If you're thinking about the wider universe of the comics, yes, I do think Kate knows both Bobbi and Natasha (in fact, I think fic with the three of them would be epic.  awesome.  killer.)  ...though to be honest, I'd be really excited about Natasha and Bobbi in the same fic, and I think that's fairly unlikely (It's just an easy example is the only reason I keep repeating it).  So tossing in someone else who's not even in either one of their individual comics seems...even more unlikely.  Though, if for some reason, you would like a visual reference for Kate, too, I'm not one to shirk my duties.  Ksenia Solo, people.  Just like I'm a little heartbroken Katee Sackhoff isn't playing Carol Danvers, I'm gonna be a bit crushed if Ksenia isn't cast as Kate, should Kate make an appearance in the MCU (I mean, Hawkeye DID say he was retired...)  And I feel like Natasha and probably Bobbi both know Hope.  It's a small world, smaller still when you cherrypick the meta-humans.

And if you're contemplating the wider universe of Killjoys, yeah, I think Dark Matter could exist somewhere out around there, same way I think the Quad is on the ass end of the verse the Alliance is holding court over...Westerly definately has a rim feel to it, Arkyn=Miranda, Qresh and Lieth (to some extent) would be Alliance-sponsered.


So yeah, I am disappointed that Mockingbird is over (or at least that Cain's done with it, I liked her style).  HOWEVER, if you're feeling compelled to, say, flesh out (pun so totally intended) that ending, with Bobbi, Hunter, and Clint, I urge you to follow that compulsion.  I mean, I totally dig trapped in a cabin due to inclement weather *anyway*, the fact that the boys are just meeting *and* helping out a girl's tired muscles?  Well, that just makes things even better.

The things I like about the comic are many and varied, however, the sense of humor (and the sense of ridiculous), along with Bobbi's no-nonsense self-esteem (she's a badass and she knows it.  But she doesn't have to keep telling you, she's showing you all the time 'cause it's not something she can turn off but she's not obnoxious about it.  At least I didn't find her obnoxious about it), and the way she's a slightly unreliable narrator and everything's from her POV...those things are golden. I'll never get enough of the background lettering and the jokes therein, so if something sparked your interest there, go for it.

Prompts/Stuff from the comic to play with:
I like Bobbi and Hunter's  Official Rescue Tally, and how they argue about what counts
People in the waiting room with Bobbi: Tony and his Don't Panic! Gonorrhea pamphlet, Jess and Luke and Dani being all miserable with the chicken pox (well, presumably the kid had them.  you can't really see the baby, just the blanket Luke's holding.  So either they're there for the chicken pox, or to help them deal with their delusional beliefs that they've got a kid).  But ESPECIALLY Natasha calmly reading Guns and Ammo and commenting on the killer boots.  If they wanted to chat or continue that conversation (or possibly one about times they've left Clint or Hunter tied up while they had to bounce), I would really like that.  You might notice that there was a redhead at the HC meeting where Hunter was all...on display who didn't seem phased at all when Bobbi started kicking ass all over the place.  Nat coulda been there, is all I'm saying.

There's some graffiti on the wall when Bobbi tries to talk the kid down off the ledge, one of the tags is all creeptastic and about Killgrave loving Jessica, so if you wanted to explore that--Bobbi sees it, hunts down the creep/goes to check on Jess to make sure she's alright and that the bastard is in her rearview mirror? (I haven't seen the end of Jessica Jones just yet, or Daredevil Season 2.  Or Luke Cage, for that matter. I'm so behind it's depressing, but I am making solid strides with at least JJ)  Or, wanders on over to see how Jess is doing, that could be fun.

I thought the "how come we've never met?" conversation with Hunter about Clint was pretty hilarious, so if you want to go ahead and write them meeting, I'd love to see more than just the couple lines we got (I mean, I loved that they got to put that in, don't get me wrong, but I like alternate versions of what could have happened, too).  Also hilarious to me is how she mixes up the guys there at the end, her lack of concern about it is very Bobbi.  I would encourage you, if you were feeling like it, to explore that whole situation a little more closely.  Who wouldn't want a vacation on a remote island in an isolated cabin with Lance Hunter and Clint Barton?

If you felt like including Natasha (or switching out the guys for her, femslash is cool, too), they did end the Edmonson/Noto run with her sailing in a boat.  Perhaps she had a destination in mind?  She could totally make it to Bobbi's island.  Natasha sailing through a herd (pack?) of mercorgis is kind of a hilarious image to me.  They can lay around all day in the sun dressed in their Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda shirts over their suits so they don't burn, and just sip on their endless supply of fruity drinks.

Black Widow

Speaking of Natasha, try not to worry, I really do adore her, it's hard to go wrong.  I'm pretty fond of the issue where Clint comes in--she's trying to extract a guy, he's supposed to stop it from happening--I love that Clint makes it clear that the Avengers can count on him to do his job, but that Natasha can also count on him.  For him it's not either/or, it's and.  The other thing I like so much about that issue is that it demonstrates so easily how competently badass both of them are.  I never like it when one person's abilities get downplayed so another's shine--competence is not a zero-sum game--everyone can be capable and talented, it just elevates the average level of skill and makes everyone look even more impressive in the end.  Like Hawkeye's supposed to be the marksman; it doesn't mean Natasha didn't train to be a sniper, and a damn good one.  She shot his bowstring! and the approaching arrowhead while on a motorcycle!

I really did like the reflective tone of Edmonson/Noto, and how she's constantly being confronted with and overcoming her past, so if that's something you'd like to explore, I say go for it.  The current run is a lot more action-film, which I still like, just in a different way, so if you'd like to write something like that, I'm all for missions and fights and things exploding.  If you wanted to tackle her and Tony working out the Yinsen thing, I encourage it.  Personally, I don't have a clue how she'd explain it beyond what she's already likely said to him.  I thought she looked a little unsure of Yinsen being taken away, who he was going with, so if you felt like expanding on that--maybe she ended up doing something to thwart the transportation process, but instead of him getting away, the problem was fixed and he ended up captured anyway?

I got the impression from the comics that Clint was a little less of a dumpster baby than he was in Fraction's stories.  He seemed a little more cool, collected, competent agent of action who's ready to smirk anytime, as he is in the movies.

But then, I've always sort of had this mental conviction that Lance Hunter, when he arrived on-scene in Agents of Shield, was the sort of MCU stand-in for Fraction's Hawkeye, and that MCU's Clint Barton was more serious and together with his life.  But I also don't know if AoS invented Hunter or if he already existed in comics.  And I also think Fraction's Hawkeye really can pull everyone's asses out of the fire when it really comes down to it.  He just seemed a little more serious, a bit more sober, when written by Edmonson.

I also really liked the relationship between Natasha and Maria, if you want to look at that or would rather play with them.  I mean, "[Natasha's} the only person [Maria} can confide in"!!! and "[she's] never thought [Nat] was in over her head before"!!!  also, she's a little scared of her, which I think is an interesting kind of turn.

Other fav moments:
first, you must belong nowhere
her kicking the abusive asshole's ass
Clint's "In the bedroom? Cause she kind of comes up a lot."
Maria recognizing that they ask her to do awful things
the vote to keep her on  as an avenger
right before she quits, which is a bummer
sailing away on her own into the open sea


[On Bobbi and Natasha:  Look, I'm as caught up as I can be on the comics, though, as an addendum, I haven't actually had a chance to read *back* very much, ie Hawkeye and Mockingbird, anything Black Widow before Edmonson/Noto, which started, I think, in 2014?  I keep meaning to pick up Avengers Assemble, but really all I've read so far is the Best Friend and KISS conversation between Nat and Clint, hell, not even the entire issue that's in.  And, presumably, Bobbi's in Agents of Shield, of which I've only read a couple issues from the beginning.  But their current comics runs I've got covered.  HOWEVER, I'm not exactly a particular stickler when it comes to characterization/issues/relationships and cannon.  I really do enjoy Natasha in the films, and I loved Bobbi on AoS (although:  I'm WAY behind on AoS.  Like, last season, there was a fire and May was sure Andrew was toast and looked a bit like she wanted to slow-roast Hunter so the torture she was going to inflict would last longer--or like she was never going to acknowledge his existence again, and she wasn't just angry, she was *disappointed* with him.  That's the last episode I saw.  I *realize* that ...I can't imagine it's very long after that, actually...Bobbi and Hunter left AoS to go film Most Wanted (that ABC then DIDN'T PICK UP, THE ASSHOLES), but I don't know exactly what happened during or leading up to Parting Shot.  So if you could just sort of...avoid that, I'd appreciate it.) so if there's something from either the show or the movies that you've really been itching to write, I'm game to read it.  If you want to include characters from AoS, that's cool, too.  I've always got a soft spot for Bobbi/Skye, hell even Bobbi/Hunter/Skye (have you read that soulmate story about the three of them?  It's really good, you should.), so if Skye somehow managed to show up, I would be pleasantly surprised.  So if it turns out you're discovering you offered to write for the comics and now your brain is not firing off any good ideas and you realize you somehow have offended the muses and they're being the opposite of helpful because all you can come up with are ideas that sprout from the MCU?  Deep breath, don't worry, write that.  Really.]


Oh, I really liked Hope.  She's a total BAMF, and really seems to have her shit together.  I really said most of what I'd been thinking about her in the sign-up, but I suppose there's always room, when it comes to me, for elaboration.

They showed a lot of Scott's training in the suit, along with some of the other kinds of things he needed to master out of the thing, like how to punch and how to control the ants.  Hope, clearly, has already mastered these things.  It's only IN the suit she hasn't had the opportunity to perfect the skills she's going to need.  I'd be interested in seeing her learning those, like how to fly, and how to aim the stinger blasts, generally adapting the martial arts she's spent years learning into practices she can use effectively when very tiny and flying.  Thinking in three dimensions instead of two when you're trying to fight has to be a bit of an adjustment, and you can make all the "The enemy's gate is *down*!" jokes you want.  If you wanted to focus on how she learned the martial arts she apparently spent so much time learning, or how she learned to get the ants to listen to her, that could be interesting, too.

If you're feeling up for Scott/Hope, that's cool.  When she let her guard down in the movie around him, it seemed like something that could happen that I'd like to read more about.

However, I've always been a little fascinated by what kind of relationship Hope and Pepper could have (platonic or romantic)--they're both highly successful businesswomen who deal with superheros on the side.  Hope's about to become one, and if Pepper is one is up to you.  (I'm all for the Rescue/Extremis Isn't Really Gone theories) But that balancing act, I imagine, can be exhausting, and finally having someone to vent to who relates must be totally awesome.

If you wanted to explore the difficulties of growing into your own kind of superhero while living or growing up in the shadows of someone who was/was certainly badass enough to leave a reputation in the circles you're now entering on your own, that could be really interesting.  Hope and Sharon probably have a lot in common about that, as would she and Tony.  I've always considered Tony/Pepper pretty unbreakable, but if you wanted  to add Hope to the mix, I could see that happening pretty easily.  Or if you wanted to add her to Steve/Sharon (Or leave Steve out?), that could be pretty interesting, too.

If you're a fan of May, I think throwing those two into a relationship could be pretty cool as well.  Hope is obviously a skilled martial artist, maybe May offers to help her train, continue learning and improving?  I could understand them already knowing each other, too, due to Mrs. May's CIA involvement and Hank's involvement with Shield.  I doubt Shield was the only group interested in his work and the things he developed.  So maybe they're friends who grew up together, maybe they're more.  And no, I totally don't mind if you toss Sharon into the mix with these two, either.

I'd be interested to see how Hope cleans up Pym now that Darren's gone (or is it Cross?  Did he officially change the company's name? I don't remember).  But now that he and, presumably, his lackeys, are gone, what changes at the office?  Tony had his whole epiphany about making the world safer, not making weapons anymore, does Hope have a similar change of heart--no more DOD contracts, or research into weapons development?  What does she choose to focus on while Tony's busy with clean energy?  Medical research?  Can they make better hearing aids than Stark?

...so clearly I still had a lot I could say on the subject of writing about Hope.  Really, go wild.  I really like the character, and enjoy reading about her, and I'm interested in how she'd fit into the existing MCU with those people, so I don't expect there's a whole lot of ways for you to go wrong here.

Oh.  Natasha's fair game, too.  I imagine there's still quite a bit about working with a team, on top of being Wasp, that Hope needs to get a handle on.  Sorta like Wanda and Natasha in Civil War ("Looking over your shoulder needs to become second nature"), helping her learn the ins and outs of not spying exactly, but situational awareness, maybe?  The stuff about superheroes that makes them capable of saving people and anticipating situations they might need to intervene in, picking  out the relevant ppl from the crowd.


Man, this show.  There isn't much about it that I don't like.  And really, there's not nearly enough fic for it.  So just by writing something in general, you're making my day.  I'm aware I listed Dutch, Johnny, Clara, and Alvis on the characters section, but as long as Dutch and Johnny are in it, I'm cool.  That's not to say I'm not interested in reading about what Clara was up to all season while we didn't see her, or what Alvis was doing at the retreat/monastery/chill place on Leith with all the other old monks.  It could be cool to hear his reactions to finding the living monk on Arkyn, too--or, well, to finding all 12 of them, really.  There's no way that wasn't unsettling.  Just exploring the religion of the quad in general would be pretty cool.  It's clear, like Alvis said, it's not just poetry and imagery they used in their texts, but allusions to things that actually happened.  I wonder how that changes his relationship with the faith?  Also fascinating to me is how Clara operates in the world.  If she's legally not a  person, does that limit what she can do?  Or because she has tech implanted that can bypass nearly everything, does it not really matter so much day to day?  Does she think Utopia is awesome and totally wants to stay for a long time when she visits, or is it sort of beneath her, all these people playing with tech they'll never understand the way she does?  I'd love for her and Johnny to visit together, that'd be cool.  She can show him around to the places that have the most advanced theories and best chances of working out in the long run, and he can, like help her socialize (I get the feeling she's not the best with people), maybe try out the lil bottles of free hits of...whatever drug she's brushed off in the past as unlikely to work with her physiology, while he just wants a free ride on the high train.  How does she react to altered perceptions?  Or something that overrides all her systems and *forces* her muscles and mind to relax?  Is there a separate supplier for bio-mechanoids that she would have to go to?  Does that stuff work on baseline humans like Johnny?  How does he react when it tosses it back before anyone can warn him it's not for him? ...apparently I had a lot of thoughts on that topic.

I mean, if you want to handwave, for now, the whole last bit where Johnny takes off with Clara, that's fine.  I was a bit crushed when he did, so I don't mind not focusing on it.  I'll admit I'm pretty damn curious about their six years together before the show started, so if you want to play in that era, go for it.  I also got some...stronger relationshippy vibes from them this season, like Dutch was sort of realizing what she's had next to her all the time, and once or twice it kind of looked like Johnny was realizing just exactly *how* important she'd become to him, and if you wanted to have them explore a physical relationship, I could actually see it happening now, or with a few more moments like when Dutch opened up to him (You'll tell me if things change? I'll ride shotgun. and We've had a shit 24 hours, haven't we?), only this time maybe make it a bit more mutual.  I'm not saying handwave Pawter and their entire relationship (though go ahead if you want to--I liked it, it just seemed like they were at 'I love you, let's throw my career down the toilet' a little fast.  I know, extreme events, heightened emotions, whatever.  But maybe he could realize that 'regular people happy' isn't all it's cracked up to be, 'cause neither he nor Dutch are 'regular people,' and 'happy' is relative, anyway.  He looked like he was having the time of his life flying Lucy through that repository and away from all the Black Thorn (is that right?  or is that Angel?  hmm.) ships.  If he settled down and got married and chilled out on Leith for the rest of his days, wouldn't he miss that kind of thing?  Six years with space as your home, hasn't it worked it's way into their bones yet?), but I feel like both Dutch and Johnny have evolved a little, maybe past the point where they've slotted one another into Sibling Only territory.  Maybe they realize it's time to re-evaluate how they really feel about one another.  Maybe John jetting off with some other chick is the punch to the heart that Dutch needed to realize she vastly prefers life with him, and would like him even closer.  I think she was starting to realize that when she and Pawter talked, but since Pawter died, John never had a chance to physically leave and make Dutch realize what life without him is like.

I do enjoy undercover ops for this show, and fake relationships is always one of my favorite tropes.  If you're feeling inclined toward polly, go for it :), I don't have a problem with...just about anyone you could fix Dutch up with.  Dutch/Johnny/Alvis could be really cool.  No, Dutch/Johnny/D'avin doesn't bother me--I think there could be some really interesting character development as they work through that.  Negotiations--regardless of the individuals--are really interesting to me.  Like, clearly Alvis is okay being tied up and doesn't mind pain, just as Dutch doesn't mind doing the tying or inflicting of pain, but where are Johnny's boundaries in all of that?  Or Alvis and Dutch's in regards to what they're willing to do to him?  Actually, if you were just doing Dutch and one of the guys, that's still an interesting question, though there's something about the way D'av called it off between them that has me not liking him with her.  He was really not okay with his ability to beat up someone he'd just had sex with, while Dutch, though she may not exactly enjoy it, is still able to do so, and he'd practically called himself a monster for doing so, and he was brainwashed.  She didn't need to be brainwashed to do what he did, so does he consider her a monster?  But she let him go, so I suppose the new question is if Johnny shares his brother's sentiment? I don't think he does, but I imagine that's something that will tug at the corner of her mind for a while.

Wynonna Earp

I can't even.  This show, dude.  I love how unapologetically feminist the show is, without compromising any of the male characters.  (Like, Andras totally gets that feminist does not equal man-hating)  Bobo?  *Definitely* a well-rounded three dimensional character.  Doc?  That's a guy with a lot of baggage hanging around his neck that he's trying like hell to ignore--his past and future are chock full of character-developing moments, and his present is doing a damn fine job of making him grow, as well.  Dolls?  The things we don't know about this guy that inform his actions and thoughts and attitudes far outweigh the things we DO know.  The men are not just eye candy, which is nice.  I really wouldn't mind knowing more about Nicole, either.  Yes, I read her Tumblr, but yes, I still want more.  Maybe her reaction to becoming an Agent?  Does she have to stop working at the sheriff's dept?  Or does working there help the BBD out, so she stays on?  I can't imagine having two jobs would really leave her with any free time, but hey, who am I to judge?  Actually, it would be interesting to see everyone's genuine reaction to her becoming an Agent, now that the crisis from the finale has been averted.  Feel free to skip over the cliffhanger. Unless you feel like solving it.  I'm not overly looking forward to next season when Waverly is acting all weird due to silver-goo influence.  But is she happy for Nicole?  Worried she'll now be in MORE danger?  Excited she doesn't have to keep secrets anymore?  What does Wynonna think?  Is she threatened?  This used to be the thing she shared with her family, but now it turns out Willa was psycho and now Waverly can share this with Nicole--who is already are really good and competent officer, things Wynonna's still getting used to being.  Is Doc glad they have more backup?  Is Dolls? or are they concerned about the secret spreading? No one wants their tiny little town to become a giant dumb crater.

Now that she really knows Nicole and Waverly are together, is Wynonna ever going to talk to Waverly about it?  Or Nicole for that matter?  You don't have to go all shovel-talk with it, but they did seem like they were building a friendship, there, so it seems like who they're dating (or would like to be, in Wynonna's case) would come up at some point.  And presumably Nicole's going to spend more time at the house, not popping out for a bit like she had been before, so how is Wynonna handling it?  When she has to choose between facing her sister and her friend being all coupply and cute enough to give someone sugar shock or letting her sister spend copious amounts of time off the homestead property and therefore open to attack, how does she deal?

Speaking of dealing:  How does Wynonna deal with Doc now that he's back?  Is she still interested in Dolls?  Is she even still interested in Doc?  (I'm completely aware the two are not mutually exclusive...)  What does she do about it?  If your answer to that question is "threesome," who am I to argue?  I'd be interested in seeing how that worked out, actually.  What makes Dolls and Doc get over their respective grudges against one another?  Or are they good now that they had to fight together during the spiked-Champaign escapade and Doc brought Dolls his medicine then cleared out the bar?

If you just want to delve into Wynonna's past, that's something I'm interested in, too.  They kept off-handedly referring to that summer with the Banditos and her involvement with the Bleaker case.  Is that just the stuff officials caught wind of?  Was she over in Greece not just to party and vacation, but to lie low until interest in whatever crime she was a part of died off?  What exactly did she do for the Banditos?  And involved HOW in the Bleaker case?  (also: HOW involved?)  What has she done that's so bad the BBD bastards are so sure they'll be able to keep her on not just a leash, but a short one as they hold it over her?  What was her stay in the mental hospital like?  (Did they do shock therapy?  I can't remember if she alluded to it or not.)  Or does she just try like hell to repress it all and never think about it?  When did they let her out/how did she finally leave that place?  Girl's got a backstory miles deep, but we've only skimmed the surface of it with her guilt for shooting her dad, her close relationship with Willa (so I'm sure having shot her sister isn't going to play like a movie on a loop every time she tries to sleep *at all*), and her anger at the rest of her family for giving up on her and handing her over to the state.  You know, she said that line while Waverly was choking on the noose around her neck so calmly, and making a bit of a joke out of it--Nobody kills my family but me--but now she's shot both her dad and her older sister.  There's really only Waverly left.  And technically her mother, should she ever choose to blow back into town.  Is she really as over it/accepted/made her peace with it as she projects?

I'd like it if Wynonna got to ride her bike again, either on the show or in fic.  Maybe Doc could ride along?  I totally dig WayHaught, so you can be as shippy as you want to be, there.  I sort of lean more towards Wynonna with Doc rather than Dolls, but I'm not immune to the charm of them together, either.

One last thing:  when Wynonna first got the gun and was trying to learn to shoot properly and generally get the thing to work like she needed it to in order to have the revs head back to hell, Doc kept saying that she just needed to relax/believe in herself 'cause it wasn't the gun.  What the hell did he mean by that?  Can she use any weapon on them, if she believes it'll work?  Is it like a self-esteem issue?  If she believes whatever action she takes on them will work, it will?  Or did Dolls just not know how wrong he was about Peacemaker?  It doesn't really seem to add up, what with the way the barrel of the gun glows and all when she shoots the revs (and her sister--though it glowed differently then).  I'm just kind of stuck, confused, and curious as hell about it.

I really do read and like a LOT of different fic, so just enjoy the writing.

If you'd like, like, *specific* prompts, I can do that:
--She's never seen the world in black and white, things like that have rarely mattered to her.  No, her world is in the balance of a ledger, she sees in black and red.
--learning to fall
--personal space
--Power doesn't have to be a clenched fist. There's power in the open hand, too
--It’s a joke between friends, but it’s not. More, it’s the truth badly disguised as a lie and it makes her laugh to think that the two of them get paid to pretend for a living.
--Everything is different.  But they're still breathing.
--unexpected time off
--Road trips

There were goingto be images, so I'll be back to fully illustrate my points.