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21 November 2016 @ 10:07 am
regular-people sick sucks  
I swear, you'd think, 'cause I'm chronically in pain, I'd be used to the crappiness of not feeling well.  But no.  Turns out, it's one of those "you can get used to anything if there's enough exposure" things, though I don't think I'll ever be "used to" migraines.  But I do know what to expect.  There's a pattern.  One, unfortunately, my whole current writing jag is a part of.  It's the part where I CAN NOT shut up once I start talking, and where I will write from 9pm to noon the next day without stopping, or noticing that I should have stopped.  If only the ...problem came with the same promise of quality with the quantity.  I'm guessing later today or tomorrow afternoon the aura hits.

I'm so looking forward to it.

As if the regular daily shit wasn't enough, though, I went to the doctor last week after feeling progressively worse for three weeks, and I have strep.  Had?  I've been on an anti-biotic for a week.  Moot point.

My actual point?  Every time I get sick I'm slapped in the face with the reminder that getting sick totally blows, sucks your energy dry, and leaves you feeling generally like you've gotten tossed from a horse mid-jump and landed in front of him too quickly to avoid being slammed around by four hooves and solid, bony legs with hella momentum behind them.

I'm just not a fan.  And my immune system's crap, so where regular people take 7-14 days to get over whatever, it takes me more like 14-28.  It's exhausting.

HOWEVER!  I'm supposed to be resting, and that means I can watch TV and chill without guilt.  :)

I just marathoned the first six eps of Conviction, Hayley Atwell's new show.  It. Is. Fantastic.  ...okay, maybe it's really good, and she's phenomenal.  She plays a total hot mess and still manages to be a total BAMF.  It's awesome.

Next up on tap:  Wynonna Earp rewatch and Dark Matter season 2 first watch, with a bit of Killjoys sprinkled in, I'm guessing.  Cause why not?  Awesome show tripple play.  Sounds good.

Just as soon as I wake up from my nap/actual sleep since last night's didn't.  Solid plan.