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10 December 2016 @ 01:10 am
You're just a girl!  
Sometimes when I set up to start writing, too many thoughts rush forward in my head to be the first thing I write.  It's terribly inconvenient.

I was somewhere else online--Pinterest, maybe?--and I kept seeing this gif of Wynonna being totally badass, and now the moment is sort of stuck in my head.  It's when she's (brace yourself) pointing Peacemaker at some rev, and he's all "You're just a girl!".

Now, it's not exactly an uncommon combination of words, though I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a phrase, but you hear it frequently enough.  Unfortunately, Joss Whedon, Life Ruiner, has cemented that sentence in my head--I still remember where I was sitting watching the season 5 finale of Buffy.

Cause after she beats the crap out of a demon and starts walking away with him all crippled in a dumpster, he's all "You're just a girl!"

And this is where the difference in the two characters, the two shows, the two writers practically slaps you upside the head:  Buffy's response vs. Wynonna's response.

Buffy, sad, quiet, walking away:  That's what I keep saying.
Wynonna, angry, loud, leaning in to the rev's space aggressively:  I am THE girl.  With the big ass gun.

Now, nothing's saying that in five years (or 100 more episodes, Jesus, no wonder B was tired) Wynonna won't become all weary and quiet and resigned, but I just really like the contrast between the two.

I happened to be watching the second episode yesterday, and I have...theories about the gun.  Or questions about the girl.  something like that.  When Wynonna first picks up Peacemaker, she looks much like she's just graduated from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Course--she can't hit the billboard, bullets are ricocheting all over the place, including back at her.  It's not an inspiring sight.

But then later, when she's freaking out and pissed as hell at the revs ready to hang Waverly, she manages to hit not just where she was aiming, but what she wanted the ricochet to kill, too.  Yes, Dolls took her out to target practice, but that's some damn remarkable improvement.

So in the second episode, Dolls tries to give Wynonna a modern gun, saying it'll work.  She goes in to what at first appears to be a nightclub to which only women ever travel (tail you see the line of guys on the wall watching all the chicks dance), and proceeds to shoot the creepy War Party rev in the chest.  He does not take a shoot down a slide straight into hell.  That convinces Wynonna the new fancy gun doesn't work.

So she stays with shooting the gun that can't aim for shit.  All the way to the finale.  Where they drag Bobo over the line in custody where he's looking at all sorts of crazy lab fun with the BBD's scientists and interrogators, miles and miles away from Wynonna.  Which means he's gonna get tortured, and the chances of Wynonna being able to find him again to end the curse drop dramatically.  So while Bobo's all bracing himself out the back of the truck, cause his previous pleading hadn't worked, Wynonna's standing on the street outside the cemetery, watching as the truck disappears over the line.  Then she lifts the gun and fires, nailing Bobo between the eyes.  That was an extraordinary shot.

So did she just get better over the season?  How much does she influence the gun, and how much does the gun compensate or aid her?

When the gun was glowing blue and she was shooting Willa, at first I thought it was blue because she was having to shoot an Earp.  But now I'm wondering...all the demons made it glow yellow-red, and they were headed to hell.  Willa made it go all blue-white--maybe she's not headed to the same place.  Maybe the destination determines how the gun glows.  Or maybe Wynonna does--she thinks she knows the revs have been evil or are evil enough to burn in Hades, but her sister?  Maybe she wanted Willa in a different place, so she went up instead of down.  OR:  after the first few rev's, Wynonna started saying "Make your peace" before drilling the bullet in.  Maybe all the revenants couldn't, but when she said it to Willa, her sister WAS able to make her peace before she was shot, so the blue indicates someone who's done that.

Also amazing in ep 2: Nicole Haught shows up and proves that eye contact really is hella important, as are clear intentions.  Her "When I see something I like, I don't wanna wait," is the chill, slightly less caustic version of Jessica Jones's "I don't flirt, I just say what I want."

I'm getting much more in the mood to make graphics lately, so maybe I'll start with Wynonna Earp.  Or Killjoys--that show's production designer rocks my world with the lighting and camera crew and the set dressers.  It's pretty to look at is what I'm saying.  Although Shane Timm has taken some a-mazing tour photos for Tegan and Sara, and I'm getting kinda twitchy to get to mess around with what he shot.  Also, though, my brain just spat out a couple of fic ideas, and I need to wrap up yuleti--oh, that's a terrible pun.  I'll go away now.
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