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not quite a holding pattern

whatever you do, don't turn right

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22 April
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I love to write, and spend most of my time reading or writing, watching movies or tv, or working through whichever game I'm currently playing on my PS4 or XBOX. I suffer from chronic migraines, which for me means I have some kind of migraine every day, and sjogren's syndrome, which in my case means I have really dry eyes, dry mouth, my joints ache; I generally don't have as much energy in my body as I do in my head, which can be frustrating. I've never been more consistently happy than when I lived in Honolulu, but health and finances pulled me back to the mainland; with luck I'll return someday. Someday soon I'll be back to riding horses and swimming. I'm working on following through and finishing the writing projects that I start, and then actually posting them, so with luck entries will become more frequent and contain the occasional completed fic.
a-force, adelle dewitt, alice/jasper, alvis akari, angel, angel/spike, angela/jack, astonishing x-men, avengers, backlighting, barney/robin, battlestar galactica, black widow, black widow/hawkeye, breaking sky, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, captain america, captain marvel, cassandra clare, chicagoland vampires, chloe neil, chronicles of elantra, claudia black, clint barton, clint/natasha, crossovers, d'avin jaqobis, darcy lewis, dark angel, dark matter, dead like me, debs, divergent, doc holliday, doctor who, dollhouse, dutch, dutch and johnny, eureka, fanfic, farscape, firefly, first class, fray, gilmore girls, graceling, guardians of the galaxy, harry potter, hawkeye, helo, helo/racetrack, hunger games, icons, in plain sight, iron man, james marsters, jasper fforde, jessica jones, johnny jaqobis, justina robson, kara/anders, kara/helo, kate bishop, katee sackhoff, killjoys, kristin cashore, language, lost girl, lucy, mockingjay, mr. and mrs. smith, natasha romanoff, nicole haught, no man's sky, opening credits, origin stories, orphan black, percussion, photography, photoshop, pilots, playing by heart, powers, quantum gravity, racetrack/helo, related, rent, rey, richelle mead, ronon/weir, roswell, sam/cam, sarah connor chronicles, scott westerfeld, second son, serenity, spike, sports night, star trek, starbuck/apollo, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, stargate: sg-1, studio 60, tahmoh penikett, tamsin, team bonding, tegan and sara, teyla/rodney, the avengers, the corrs, the force awakens, the hunger games, the middleman, thor, thursday next, tony/pepper, topher brink, torchwood, travel, twilight, vampire academy, vampires, veronica mars, veronica rossi, veronica/logan, warehouse 13, waverly earp, white collar, wonderfalls, writing, wynonna earp, x-men, xaiver dolls, young adult fiction

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